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30 Days of Charmed

28 If you could bring back anyone who died who would it be

Prue Halliwell

There’s only one answer for me. Prue because she is my favorite character and the series lost something when she died.

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witches of east end pilot

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30 Days of Charmed

27 Favorite Friendship

Prue, Piper & Phoebe

I do have a brother and love him very dearly and we have a really good connection to each other. Still, when watching Charmed, I sometimes felt a little jealous that I didn’t have any sisters because I just loved watching the three sisters together! Their bond is so strong and they share everything with each other (thoughts and feelings, their living place, and ultimately their power).

While I love the bond between all three of them, I think that Prue and Piper’s bond is a special one maybe because Phoebe left San Francisco when Grams died and left the two others alone. But I also think that Piper and Phoebe have a great bond together, which we can clearly see throughout the series. Even Prue and Phoebe who had a rough start in season one developed a really strong bond. I love the episode The Power of Two because the two are all by their owns and I clearly saw for the first time how much their bond had grown.

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btvs appreciation week: [day 7] favorite quotes or amazing acting scenes

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30 Days of Charmed

26 The character that is most like you

Prue & Piper Halliwell

First, for me it has to be one of the sisters because I know them best and they are women like me.

Second, I think I relate the most to Prue, and then Piper.

Prue is determined, correct, hard-working, the oldest sister.

Piper is down-to-earth, catious, loves cooking (which I’m discovering right now for myself, but I’ve loved baking for many years now) and family/friends are very important to her.

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30 Days of Charmed

25 If there happened to be a Charmed season 9 what would you liek to see happen in it

See more of Phoebe and Coop!

Their relationship is so promising and we saw so little of it in season 8. It would be great to get to know Coop better and to see their relationship form and grow!

I’d also like to see the Charmed Ones’ kids grow up, learning from them and maybe fight together with their parents against the bad side.

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could be my confession!

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buffy the vampire slayer appreciation week

→ day one: favorite character
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Charmed Appreciation Week - Day One - Favourite Character
1/2 - Drake dè Mon

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charmed appreciation week ⏩ day three
→ favorite sister-ship(s) - prue x piper
She’s been there my whole life. I’ve always had a big sister. And I don’t know how to live without one.”

little prue & little piper are so adorable! <3

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30 Days of Charmed

23 Who’s job do you like the most

Leo’s job as a professor at Magic School

This was an easy one for me because I’m a teacher myself :)

I actually liked all the jobs the Charmed Ones had - working at an Auction house, photographer, chef/cook, advise columnist and social worker.